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By Jonét Wooten,

Meet the uber stylish Dayle, who describes her personal style as both artistic and dramatic, but we would call it absolutely, over the top fabulously chic!  Dayle, who has a rich history in musical theater, tells us that accessories are the key to fashion success.

But Dayle isn’t just a sensational fashion icon, she’s been an advocate and public speaker on health care and consumer protection issues in addition to her fascination with fashion.

She encourages experimenting with style, taking risks and wearing what makes you feel good and personally gravitates toward color, asymmetry and interesting silhouettes. Great advice from one very cool fashionista!

FCO50: Describe your personal style

DAYLE: I would describe my style as artistic and dramatic. I like asymmetrical lines and the use of multiple fabrics in a single garment. I am drawn to the shape of clothing and like dresses, pants, and tops that have unusual silhouettes.

Accessories are the key to my look. I love bright colors, but I do live in New York and have the requisite amount of black clothing in my closet!! I always wear multiple bangles on my right arm and am particularly fond of earring that go together but don’t match.



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