How To Use Color: Authority vs. Approachability

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by Imogen Lamport,

When you’re putting together an outfit, always consider what you want to communicate with it. Ask yourself what the situation/occassion you are wearing it.  Who you are going to be interacting with, and how you want to be perceived.

Then you can use this knowledge to choose the right combination of colours and contrast to assist you in communicating with your image (before you even open your mouth) they way that you want.

High value contrast outfits are overall seen as more ‘yang’ or authoritative.  Yet it matters what proportion of light vs dark is in the outfit as to how it communicates.

Do you want to be more professional or approachable?

If you want to appear more professional, make sure your outfit has a higher percentage of darker colours.

If you want to appear more approachable or fun, then go for a higher percentage of light colours in your outfit.


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