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Ultimate Guide: How To Maintain Weight In Your 40s

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karen reed maintain weightHere’s your ultimate guide on how to maintain weight in your 40s. There’s no need to struggle with weight gain if you don’t want to.

by Karen Reed,

1. Start by Assessing Your Calorie Intake

The one reason people gain weight is that they eat more calories than their bodies’ burn. If you balance out the calories you eat with the ones that you burn; you’ll find that your weight maintains. The amount burned can be from your regularly maintained metabolic rate or the added burned calories through exercise.

If you eat fewer calories than you burn, your body will take calories from the stored supplies. That means your body can take the calories from both the muscles and the fat stores. When losing weight, you want to take the stored calories from the latter, so we’ll cover that later in this article.

Start your changes by assessing your current calorie intake. Look at your portion sizes and consider if you can change your diet. This is going to be something that only you can decide and start doing. If you’re not ready to curb some of your eating, you will find it much harder than those who are mentally ready for this stage.

One of the ways to get ready is to assess what’s important to you. Is the way you look and feel so important that you are willing to make changes to your diet? Not all the changes need to be big.

If you know you need to cut down on your portions, try this trick:

  • Eat half your meal and sit back
  • Ask yourself if you are satisfied and listen to your stomach
  • If you are still hungry, eat another half of your meal; if you’re not hungry, then just stop eating!
  • Repeat this until you’re either satisfied or the meal has finished

2. Cut 100 Calories a Day

We’re not going to ask you to cut out a lot from your day. Start by just cutting 100 calories a day from your usual intake. This is around half a slice of bread! It isn’t that much.

There’s no need to cut it just from one meal. Split the 100 calories up across your day, cutting out 30 from each meal and the other 10 from snacks, for example. You’ll find a way that works for you.

The easiest way to get rid of 100 calories from a day is to remove the skin from your chicken breasts. This is where most of the calories are stored in poultry! You could also make some smart swaps, like opting for skimmed milk instead of whole fat milk or choosing a diet soda over a full sugar soda.

These simple changes will soon add up positively. If you still find that you’re gaining weight, try cutting another 100 calories out from your day. You’ll soon find the balance with the metabolism and won’t find that cutting down will be as drastic or as hard since you’re doing it little at a time.


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