Happiness Pays: 7 Tips To Achieve Your Economic Potential

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Happiness Pays:  7 Tips To Achieve Your Economic Potential

by Andrea Carter, SheSpark Mental Wellness Expert, CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior

In 2014, there were numerous articles about how women won’t apply for jobs unless they are 100% qualified, whereas men will apply if they are 60% qualified.  Three years later, we’re still seeing the same statistics and gender equality is still a struggle.

Confidence, happiness and a woman’s economic potential are all unequivocally intertwined and connected with these statistics.  Confidence and happiness go hand in hand.  When a woman is happy she is less critical of herself, she takes on challenges by being solution oriented, and she takes the unexpected curve ball that life inevitably throws with resilience.  When a woman feels happy she radiates from the inside out and will also cut down on negative self-talk increasing her perceived confidence.  When a woman is happy she can handle conflict by owning her part and allowing the other person to be responsible for theirs, instead of internalizing the entire situation.

Forty percent of happiness is directly affected by how you think and choose to feel.  Eighty percent of confidence is directly affected by how you think and choose to feel.  So what does this have to do with economic potential? Women cannot continue to tear themselves down internally and expect to reach better positions or higher sales.

Only 2% of women run companies generate seven figures.  That statistic hasn’t changed in three years.  Most women who have decided to open their own companies and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit have a long hard road ahead of them and often the challenges are what keep them small because when the tough gets going – women are checking out because happiness and confidence are the first affected.

What’s the solution?  Retrain your thinking.  Choose your internal dialogue.  Become the boss of your mindset and you’ll immediately start to see different actions and results for what you can achieve.

Imagine for a moment building your business or advancing your career with confidence and happiness. Reality check –  anyone can be more confident at work, at school, in social situations and in a relationship. And once it is attained, women can enjoy that state in any situation in their lives.

All of this starts with simply taking control over your thoughts then directing them to the whatever you decide they should achieve.

This idea may seem almost magical or whimsical to many people.

The stark truth is that this process is far more mundane and easily achieved for anyone who has a mind to try it for themselves.

Here are 7 tips to ignite confidence, happiness and your economic potential:

1) Choose happiness daily.  You have the ability to choose to look for things you can be happy about, even in tough situations.  It’s why we have the saying, “the silver lining is…” Each day find one silver lining.

2) Make a commitment to yourself to cultivate things that make you happy, then share it with your family.

3) “Dive Deep” for five minutes and think about what makes you happy at work, in your relationship, with your family;  become acutely aware of happiness flowing into your life.

4) Start your day with gratitude.  An attitude of gratitude in the morning is worth it’s weight in gold.  It’ll change your day’s trajectory guaranteed.  What is one thing you’re super grateful for today?

5) Doing stuff makes you happier.  Simply put, action increases happiness because there’s a purpose and tangible results.  Stop thinking about doing it and go and do it!

6) Stress kills happiness.  Create your destress ritual so that you can easily destress and keep going.  List 5 specific ways you can destress effectively.  Ie: Dance/Meditate/Have Sex/Laugh/Share take these and make them specific to your life.  Create an actual ritual to use for when the going is tough.

7) Don’t sweat the small stuff – savour it!  It’s easy to let the small stuff overcome happiness with dread and overwhelm.  Make it a goal to look on the bright side and watch your happiness and contentment go up. Appreciate the hug your little one gives you after you pick her up from school. In other words, savor all the small stuff that makes you happy. It may not be much, but it all adds up to a very happy life. You just have to make the time to notice it.

Want a kick ass challenge to increase your happiness in 30 days?  Join me in May we’re doing daily happiness exercises to help ignite our happiness potential!





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