Drugstore Makeup Dupes – Glitter Eye Liner You’ll Love

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Drugstore Makeup Dupes

I LOOOOVE this NYX Liquid Crystal Liner.  It’s glitter!!!  With the holidays upon, now is the time to give this a try.

If you’re saying, “Glitter liner is not for me” — you’re wrong.

With colors ranging from subtle to bold, there is something for everyone in the NYX glitter liner lineup.  There’s even one that’s clear with iridescent glitter.  The sparkle attracts attention without being over-the-top. My own favorite colors are more on the subltle side, the gold and rose gold colors.  The rose gold is pictured here.

If you prefer a bolder look, pick one of the bright colors NYX offers.  There’s even black glitter if you’re devoted to black liner.

I get compliments every single time I wear this liner.

Too Faced has a more expensive option, but it does offer a pretty cool benefit.  Their Glitter POP liner peels off!  I’ve tried it on my hand, and it seemed to work.  I’m not sure I’d want to peel that off of my lids, though.

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Removing the NYX liner isn’t difficult.  When I wash my face, most of it washes off.  If there is any left lingering, I use a Q-Tip with Micellar Water to remove it.  Any makeup remover would do, it’s not too stubborn.

For $5, you can’t beat how gorgeous it is and how much fun this is to wear!

I’ve never had a problem with NYX Crystal Liner wearing off, it stays put.  It’s easy to apply, and there’s no stray glitter on your cheeks.  Just paint it on, let it dry, then SPARKLE!

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