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5 Reasons To Buy SheSpark’s Lucky Pink Tee

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SheSpark T-shirts are designed by women for women!  We love them because:

1. We’re calling it the Lucky Pink Tee, or LPT. First, it’s PINK! Second, we send an Irish blessing with each tee to bring all things good your way.

2. The V-neck and form-fitting design flatters a woman’s body, so you can wear it to the mall or to the gym.

3. It’s machine wash and dryer friendly (use cold water and low heat settings)

4. Your purchase helps SheSpark reach more women so we can celebrate Positively Ageless Style in a strong and supportive community.

5. This quality t-shirt costs only $30 + $4.62 for First Class shipping in the United States.

Please email us if you live outside the US, and we’ll take care of you.


shespark t-shirt
shespark t-shirt



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