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Name: Kimberly Seltzer

City: Los Angeles, CA


Kimberly is a dating coach who understands and teaches body language, first impressions, image and messaging, and how it impacts attraction. She’s also the co-host of the podcast “The Great Love Debate” and contributes to multiple media outlets from Cosmopolitan Magazine to Huffington Post.










Name: Bobbi Palmer

City: California


Feeling “too old” to date? Bobbi specializes in helping over-40 women find love both online and offline.  From eliminating negative self-talk to how long you should wait to have sex, Bobbi covers it in her blog, webinars, and private consults.



Name: Dr. Brandy Engler

City: Los Angeles, CA

Follow: The WomanOnMyCouch

Dr. Brandy Engler is a licensed psychologist helping men, women, and couples navigate the complexities of sex and relationships.  Her book The Women on My Couch gives women voices, and helps them find their own voices, in a culture where freedom is both liberating and confusing, exhilarating, and at times disappointing.  In the book, women see their lives mirrored back to them with honesty, warmth, and humor.

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