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3 To Follow – May 2017

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3 To Follow

Each month SheSpark features 3 To Follow: three women or women-oriented companies that inspire us in style, beauty, and wellness. Audrey and I started SheSpark because it was so hard to find over-40 rising stars by scrolling through thousands of Google results, Twitter handles, and Instagram photos.  So we’re bringing them to you. Simply follow the link and Like or Follow their pages.

Glenda Harrison over-40 rising star
Glenda Harrison

Who: Glenda Harrison

Where: Southern California

Follow:  So What to Twenty!, Instagram @GlendaKHarrison

Smooth grooves must be the soundtrack to Glenda’s life and personal style. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Glenda overcame a heartbreaking loss and blossomed into the style icon she is today.




Elena Peters over-40 rising star
Elena Peters

Who: Elena Peters

Where: Ontario, Canada

Follow: LivingWithBatman.com

We met Elena in Vegas last year and she’s a constant source of motivation sprinkled with humor (just look at her web site name!). She also runs MakingMidlifeMatter.com, what we think of as a “sister site” for all things midlife.




Ann Kasper over-40 rising star
Ann Kasper

Who: Ann Kasper

Where: Austin, TX

Follow: Ann Kasper Consulting

When it comes to fashion merchandising, branding, and overall strategy, Ann knows her stuff.  She posts excellent news and tips for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and voices her opinion about the latest red carpet looks. She’s a great first step in building your brand’s strategy.



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